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The first question to be answered before we move to the main idea of this article is “Who needs a Bluebook paper format?” We all have heard about MLA, APA, and other writing styles so far, but many students share that they have no idea what Bluebook is. We will first explain what this style is about before discussing our machine created to generate Bluebook citation online automatically.

So, if you have a law case study, essay, or research paper with an impending deadline, the best thing you can do to catch up with your peers and satisfy your teacher’s requirements is to use our company’s latest innovation – a free Bluebook law review citation generator.

This machine was developed especially for the law and political science students who are running out of time and nerves when searching for the corresponding manuals online. Without any need to read the complete guide, you can learn when to apply this legal citation style, how to format your paper properly, and where to get samples of essays done in Bluebook referencing style. Ready to start?

Bluebook Referencing Style Definition and Peculiarities

The first thing you should remember is the definition of the given referencing style. It is a uniform referencing style which is most frequently applied to the legal system for law professionals in the USA and sometimes the United Kingdom. It is established by the Harvard Law Review Association, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal.

The entire generations of students who study legal/political disciplines as well as lawyers, scholars, advocates, and other related experts have counted on this convenient legal citation tool to create citations in their written pieces.

The basic features of the format which make it so different from the rest of the writing styles are:

  1. Full author’s name is included
  2. Legal act is usually named instead of the whole book or article
  3. Publisher and date of publishing are added

To make it easier, you should have a look at the Bluebook 20th edition examples like this one:
Sobieski v. Cook, 556 S.W.2d 701 (Tenn. 1999).

This one is filed but not decided. If you are a law student, you’ll get what I mean. If there are multiple authors, the citation will look a bit more complex.

Where to Search for Bluebook 20th Edition Examples?

You can find a plenty of Bluebook samples in the Law Review/Journal. Such citations can also be met in the:

  • specific articles
  • case studies
  • essays
  • research papers
  • law dissertations
  • legal acts
  • reports
  • presentation (in case you have to present a legal speech)
  • statutes
  • regulations

Bluebook references or footnotes can be less complete. It means that you don’t have to insert full source’s information. It is especially useful when it’s too long. The short form of the reference must still clearly define the source you were working with. Less complete citations can be used whenever the target audience will consider it simple to return to the complete citation. Thus, in many situations, you might need our Bluebook legal citation generator to come up with the full quotations.

You can see the examples of full and brief citations below respectively:
Brown v. Helvering, 291 U.S. 193, 203 (1934).
Brown, 291 U.S. at 203.

Hopefully, you can see the difference. A comfortable citation builder can come up with both types of citations for your paper.

A Guide on How to Cite Bluebook Format – Summary

Many sources should be cited with the help of the discussed paper format. Even if you don’t plan to connect your further life and career with the legal field, it would be useful to study the basics. The better option is to apply Bluebook in text citation generator to the legal documents when you have to work with them. After all, average citizens often have to sign various documents, but sometimes they have to compose them on their own as well.

The Bluebook supports many various sources like legal cases as well as Supreme Court statutes. To create Bluebook case citation, a young professional has to be really tough in this question. Lawyers earn big money, so their employers expect the same high level of preparation from them. The way in which quotations are formatted is influenced by the type of source the author is using.

How  the Bluebook In-text Citation Generator Works

If you insert the required source in the Bluebook citation maker at our website, you’ll receive a short or full version depending on your wish. As far as different types of sources require different citation methods, you should specify this parameter as well. If you want to cite a case study, for instance, the machine has to know its title, sources where it can be discovered, parenthetical citation which involves a court and jurisdiction, the date of decision, and, finally, the subsequent history of case

If you are thinking about the easiest option, you should pay attention to our company’s automatic Bluebook citation. It can generate your references within seconds. Quick, accurate, and hassle-free, it’s about making the life of students and professionals simpler!