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Welcome to, a website every student will find incredibly helpful. Correct referencing is not just your professor’s whimsy. It’s a kind of common decencies for academic writing. When you use ideas of other authors for your own paper, you should give credit to them. Otherwise, you can be blamed in plagiarism. You should be attentive when quoting sources in your work. Some teachers request a certain referencing style when assigning a paper to you, the others – don’t. So you should know which format to us. For instance, ASA (American Sociological Association) is a referencing style used for research papers, article reviews, and other works in Sociology and other related sciences.

So why should you use our ASA format citation generator?

  • Quotations from reliable sources make your own thoughts sound persuasive;
  • Your paper will be more scholarly when you format your quotes in a correct way;
  • Your audience will have an idea about the sources you have used and may find them and review if they are interested in a topic;
  • Your teacher will see how deeply you understand the topic by referencing and explaining the ideas of other authors.

In a word, some papers, especially in Sociology, cannot avoid quoting other sources. If you don’t have time and interest to study millions of guidelines – use our free ASA citation generator and manage your quotations fast and easily!

Every particular type of academic sources, be it a book, newspaper, ebook, scientific journal, or website, has its own referencing specifications. And it may become a big deal of work. As you know, some professors are really picky when it comes to formatting and referencing… But you don’t really want some small comma or dash to spoil your mark, do you? If so, then benefit from our citation builder and you won’t have to worry about correct referencing anymore.

What is ASA referencing style?

As we have already mentioned, ASA referencing style is used widely by publishers, researchers, and students who write papers and articles in Sociology. This is a parenthetical citation style that uses the “author-date” system of referencing. Sociologists find this format convenient and attractive, since it doesn’t require any annoying footnotes, which makes ASA an efficient and pretty simple format. It consists of the following elements:

  • In-text citations
    They are located near the source and present author’s name and year of publication;
  • References
    This is a section located at the end of your work. This page lists the sources you have used for a paper and provides extended publication information;

Here you can create ASA citation online, whether you need an in-text one or a reference page. In-text citations are used to show where exactly you have used the words of some other author. They are inserted in the text right after the direct quotation or a paraphrased one. Usually, these citations are put in brackets and include the author’s surname, year of publication, and sometimes pages, for instance: (Luckmann, 1966). When you have a book written by multiple authors, you should include their surnames in the brackets.

These citations should be linked to your reference list and direct your audience there. With the help of our ASA citation maker, you can create fully-formatted reference list as well as in-text citations, which will provide your audience with an accurate information needed to find the original source.

ASA 5th edition examples: A guide on how to cite ASA format

Do you need ASA 5th edition examples for better understanding of this style? We have gathered some for you!

  • In-text citation:
    “When Luckmann (1966) studied…” or “Citation text (Luckmann, 1966)…”
  • Reference page:
    Books: Author’s last name, author’s name. Year of publication. Book Title Italicized and in Title Caps. Publishing City: Publisher.
    Journals: Author’s last name, author’s name. Year of publication. “Article title in Quotes and Title Caps”. Journal Title Italicized Volume Number: page numbers.
    Newspaper of magazine: Author’s last name, author’s name. “Article title in Quotes and Title Caps,” Magazine/newspaper Title, Date of publication, pages.

You can create any ASA citation using the generator available at our website! Try and see how simple its is!

ASA Referencing Tool in text citation generator

This Referencing Tool provides you with ASA in-text citation generator because we are committed to helping students get better grades and improve their citing skills. This website has been created to support everyone who needs help in correct usage of this referencing style for essays, articles, research papers, or dissertations. We have created a clear and easy to use tool that help you create in-text citation as well as reference lists. In a word, this citation tool will ensure that you format your paper correctly and save your precious time.

We encourage you to use our automatic ASA citation tool for simple, smart, and quick referencing!