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AMA Format Citation Generator

The AMA citation maker is an awesome helping hand for any student.No matter how good you are at your field of study there will be a final disappointing point. It concerns a list of reference. The most boring part exhausts students’ minds and imbue them with the fear of encountering this challenge one more time.

Those guys who have facedit realize that their grade is dependent on the way they’ve done their list of reference. That is why teachers pay a special attention to it as it’s a sore spot of many students.It’s high time you learned all peculiarities about AMA referencing style. In fact, there is nothing complicated and time-consuming about it unless you do it by hand and lost in a search for a necessary citation.Free AMA citation generator is incomparable help that makes your grades higher! Read the following guideline to get most out of it.

AMA Referencing Style

First of all, you need to gather all your research material. Start doing it at once. You will refer to loads of books and websites. It’s impossible to remember all of them. You can use a pen and paper method or you can apply a modern one – take a photo of materials you are using. Your smartphone or tablet must be accompanying you wherever you go. Take advantage of them: make screenshots.

Follow the second piece of advice once you have done your research.Look through AMA (American Medical Association) definition. It is a system of citations allowing you to underpin your paperwith findings of multiple authors who had conducted the research on related topics earlier.

The system was elaborated by the American Medical Association in order to use it in their field of study. However, the sphere of its use is by far wider now. Consequently, it has certain modifications depending on a branch of science. AMA referencing consists ofcitations and references. Original citations are placed in text and references to them are situated at the end of the whole research, in the reference list. The both elements are linked with a number. It defines their order in the list.

AMA in-Text Citation Generator

The citation tool you are going to use is easy to deal with. All you need to do is to mention a number above a citation. Then, use the same number for a source where the quote was taken from in the list of reference. Mind the way superscript is written as not to commit common mistakes. AMA in-text citation generator will make your citation look in the following way:

  • It was done to implement drastic changes¹
  • The actions led to suppression of the nation that is why the President had to leave ²˒³־¹˒⁴

It must be done in a chronological order as not to make a mess. Parenthetical citation is done accordingly. Thus, it guarantees the uniqueness of your paper and reduce the risk of plagiarism. Assumptions, thoughts and conclusions of other authors are a legacy you can only refer to. That is why AMA format citation generator will help your teacher to find necessary entries and check the correspondence between a citation and a reference.

AMA 10th Edition Examples

All theoretical material should be followed by examples. We hope it will help you create AMA citation in a right way.

The first example concerns book-single author relation:
The last name and initials of the first name of an author. The title of a book. The number of an edition (3rd edition). City, state or country of a publisher, the name of the publisher and a copyright year.
Stevenson P. The history of the Northern Countries. 10th ed. Washington, DC: Dickson & Pitt; 2017.

Look at AMA 10th edition examples of book – several authors relation:
First author, the second author, the third author (use “et al” after the third name if there are six authors, for instance). The title of a book. The number of an edition. City, state or country of a publisher, the name of the publisher and a copyright year.
Atkinson A, Smith J. The discoveries of the Medieval Ages. 2nd ed. New Mexico: the USA; 2016.

A Guide on How to Cite AMA Format

The information mentioned above is your step-by-step guideline to succeed in automatic AMA citation:

  • you need to store all materials you are using for your paper (do it in any way you like);
  • make notes as not to forget where a citation was taken from;
  • create your list of reference in an alphabetical order;
  • use superscripts in a chronological way;
  • remember how superscripts should be typed;
  • follow the given examples to mention the name of an author, the number of edition etc.;
  • use AMA citation online to save your time but bear in mind the pieces of advice given to you.

Any citation builder you choose will turn your reference list ordeal into an easy-to-accomplish matter.Do it properly and you won’t face the music with your teacher for a poor list of reference. Make it immaculate and your find-faulting instructor will grade your paper excellently!